About Us

Get to know about us, Sourcing Allies is a service based company that can cover your sourcing needs from the first step of vetting your product drawings, supplier auditing, pricing negotiations, then continuing with quality minded production documentation including onsite inspection and the follow through to see your product safely to the port. Transparent sourcing from first to last step with boots on the ground to fight the inevitable fire for you.

We have an experienced team in Asia that is well equipped to deal with the technical, cultural, and business model mindset issues that are inherent to sourcing in a Asia. With a solid understanding of the technical aspects of your product along with the experience and comprehension of the production capabilities of our verified suppliers, we will be able to quickly find a solution to your sourcing needs with pricing that is competitive worldwide.

Our Crew

Eric Bengtson

Eric Bengtson | CEO

Stockholm, Sweden

Founded Sourcing Allies in 2006.





Jeff Crawshaw

Jeff Crawshaw | General Manager

Ningbo, China