Supplier Management

The first thing that Sourcing Allies does to add value to your project is to give your drawings and specifications to our internal technical team to review. We have sourced thousands of products and know the type of questions that your supplier needs to know before they can submit a bid. Often times this step can result in your project being “bounced back” to you for further clarifications, but the benefit of this step is two fold:

  • All too often suppliers will calculate the weight of your product and give you a price simply based on the cost of raw material and the amount of steps they assume it will take to make your part without taking into account every necessary specification that you have added to your product. Sourcing Allies asks the right questions to ensure that they have given your complete drawings consideration in order to provide you with an accurate quote.
  • If the right questions are not asked and the lowest bidder wins your project, production will begin with both sides assuming everything is understood. These assumptions are expensive and often lead to high scrap rates or worse— the supplier rejects the order because they are not able to turn a profit at the quoted price. Sourcing Allies understands that an extra week to clear up specifications today can save you months of wasted time and thousands of dollars in the end.

Accurate Factory Communication

One point of sourcing in Asia that cannot be emphasized enough is face to face communication with your supplier. Not only is the business culture in Asia dependent on face to face communication to set up and maintain long term cooperation between companies, but also there are many times that improvements to your product are not given the proper attention unless you are sitting down with your supplier clearly explaining the importance of each of your requirements.

Once your information has been verified with our Technical Team, we will clearly communicate all of the requirements to our experienced suppliers. All of our suppliers are audited by our team to ensure that their capabilities and previous production experience matches the requirements of your product.


Production Managed

Your product is a key component to your business, but it may not be the most important production to your supplier. Sourcing Allies ensures that each and every step in your production is given the proper attention. Starting with brand new tooling or if you need to make changes to a existing product, our Technical Team will be with your supplier every step of the way to help translate and clarify the specific requirements of your product. Once tooling has been made and the first samples are ready to be inspected, Sourcing Allies will ensure that your supplier will provide an inspection report done by their internal inspection team and we will also go through each and every measurement that they have provided to certify that their inspection reports reflect reality. If your product is high spec and you need to be sure that all of your critical dimensions are correct, Sourcing Allies will help schedule and manage a 3rd party inspection in Asia to make sure that your product can meet your requirements before you even spend one hour inspecting incorrect products that took hundreds of dollars to ship to your facility and man hours to inspect.

A sample that is made by your chosen supplier and then approved by you may not always be an actual representation of the production you receive in the end. Suppliers will spend hours to make sure that a sample is up to your requirements to win that first purchase order, but during production different machines will be used or a change of material or plating can occur to help the supplier gain an added margin for their profit. During your production, Sourcing Allies is at your supplier’s factory inspecting products as soon as they come off the line to confirm that the quality is being maintained through-out production.